follow your dreams

i don’t know when i decided that i would be a writer. i just started to write, to read a lot of books and thought about situations that i would put on words. i simply love to write and imagine things that exist only on my mind. it’s incredible, maybe a talent, right?

i dream too much. serious! anything makes me excited and give me the power to write cool texts. my blog, for example, is my favorite space. here, i share my feelings, fears and dreams, of course.

i don’t think that i’m a good writer, but i feel so proud of myself when others folks say that loved my texts. i’m insecure, you know? to hear positive things about something that i did, makes me happy and give me more energy to continue writing.

sincerely, i don’t have many dreams. i wanna publish a book, continue writing on my blog, finished college and… share the love wherever i go!

and by the way, i love so much the support that teacher sharon is giving me. i always wanted to talk in english. now, i wanna write in english too. i loved the experience to take a time to type these words.

finally… here’s be my first text in english! there aren’t 30 lines, but it’s already something! :p

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